I started Be A Heart as my hobby turned into my career. We help others create their dreams - designing books, products, packaging design and branding. While I love creating for others, I had far too many ideas of my own. 

Agnes Lucille was the name that I had waiting for my first born daughter - the middle names of both of  my grandmothers. But as this label was presenting itself to me, I knew that it was for something even greater. 

My Mimi, Mary "Mickey" Agnes, had her own design firm in Amarillo Texas in the sixties. She was a go-getter and I always admired her hard work and impeccable taste. My Granda, Sara Lucille, was once a school teacher until she had five kids of her own. She traveled the world and created a loving home for her growing family. 

Agnes Lucille designs products that bring beauty to every day items - things I've always wanted and could never find. And I hope to honor my grandmothers and all they have passed down to me as I seek authenticity and beauty in this world.