Agnes Lucille Emma Swaddle

Agnes Lucille Emma Swaddle

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Agnes Lucille designs products that bring beauty to your everyday life. Erica noticed that baby things tended to take over the house and the once beautifully designed home was strewn with baby "stuff." With many more products in her dream, we are beginning with baby swaddles that can be draped over the couch and fit right into your decor. 

43in x 43in
Swaddles are 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo. 
White, blush and ochre

In the process of dying the fabric and sewing, there are bound to be flaws. We go through each product and take out any swaddles that have an error - a missed splotch of fabric or sewn a little bit off. We are now giving you a chance for a discount on the swaddle by buying a flawed one! They are still perfectly useable and are perfect for wrapping your sweet babe. Choose Flawed from the drop down menu!

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